Samsung Nexus Prime on AT&T and T-Mobile Arrives at FCC

The Samsung Nexus Prime has been sent to the FCC for approval in the US. The particular version found on the FCC records is the AT&T and T-Mobile version. Prior to this finding it was believed that the Nexus Prime was a Verizon exclusive although this looks like it now isn’t the case.

The new smartphone from Google [GOOG] was scheduled to be announced tomorrow although it has since been delayed due to Steve Jobs of Apple passing away last week.

Back to the AT&T/T-Mobile version… this particular model has been designed for GSM networks. As Verizon utilises CDMA technology it is clear that this particular version is not for that network. The device also has no support for the HSPA+ network that AT&T users which means it’ll be connecting at 3G speeds rather than 4G.

We expect to hear more about when the device will be launched in the next few weeks. The Nexus Prime is built by Samsung and branded by Google and will likely launch with the next version of Google Android which is named Ice Cream Sandwich. The launch date could still fall towards the end of this month although November is also a possibility.


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