Samsung Needle Slim 40 Inch LCD TV Measures 3mm Thick

NEEDLE_SLIM_SAMSUNG_004Samsung have revealed their latest LCD TV the Samsung Needle Slim. The LCD screen measures 40″ which is nothing to brag about really, but what Samsung can brag about is the TV measuring just 3mm thick. The screen it’s self is capable of a full HD resolution refreshed at 120Hz.

We normally expect to see news at this time of the year held off to CES early in the new year, but with this achievement it seems Samsung just couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Other technical specs include a contrast ratio of 5,000:1. It is unclear when this screen will come out soon and what the price will be, but I suspect it will be at the higher end of the price scale for a while till ultra thin TV’s become more common place.

Via: Akihabara


  1. Johnson Yip says

    Looks like a nice TV. The Colour quality of the TV looks great.

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