Samsung Moment on Sprint gets Android 2.1

After a few false starts the Android 2.1 update is now available for the Samsung Moment on the Sprint network.

The update brings the smartphone up the most current Google [GOOG] Android OS bringing a number of enhancements to the device.

To get the update you need to manually download it online and copy it over to your phone. Right now there is no OTA update being pushed out and it isn’t clear if an OTA update will arrive.

The downside of all this is that the update won’t just “update” your device, it will actually wipe it clean and do a complete new install which means anything stored on the Samsung Moment internal memory will be wiped completely. One thing to do is make sure you have a backup of all photos, music, apps and whatever else can be backed up. For SMS messages it will require you install a backup app if you want to keep them so that you can dump them to an XML file and re-import them later.

If you’re all set then you can grab the download here which also contains full instructions on how to get it on to your Samsung Moment.

Via: Mobile Crunch


  1. Ok, seriously. Android 2.1 should have been on the Hero by now.

    It’s on the Eris.

    It’s on the Moment.

    Individuals on the xda forums have gotten 2.1 working in a matter of days.

    Why can’t Sprint?

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