Samsung LED TV’s Showcasing in the US

Samsung are showcasing their new lineup of LED TV’s. The new Samsung Series 6000, 7000 and 8000 LED screens will all be on display across the US.

The LED TV’s measure just 1.2″ deep and are also eco-friendly. They use 40% less power then LCD TV’s that measure a similar size and are packed full of features. Those features include Internet@TV that can be found on the 7000 and 8000 models which allows you to connect them up to the web and use widgets to display photo streams from services like Flickr. The 6000 series uses InfoLink RSS service that allows you to grab news from various websites and have them sent direct to the TV.

For full details on where you can find the Samsung LED TV’s check out information on the Samsung news site.


  1. Samsung UK LED TV Prices says

    Samsungs LED tv’s are very cutting edge technology for LCD tv’s, although led backlighting has been used for a few years in the laptop and mobile phone industries the benefits are only just being realised by tv manufacturers. Samsung have done very well with their new models with lots of top-end features and a stunning design!

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