Samsung LED 9000 Ultra-Thin TV Unveiled

Samsung have unveiled a number of TV’s over at CES 2010. The top of the range TV to be revealed is the Samsung LED 9000 series ultra-thin screen that achieves it’s thinness by cramming a lot of the innards in to the pedestal it sits on.

The screen it’s self looks great and runs at 240Hz to allow for smoother video to be run. A unique remote control was also launched that is capable of showing content on it’s screen from other video sources making it very unique.

The TV follows on with the 2010 theme of 3D and will be capable of transforming regular 2D content in to 3D (somehow) as well as being able to play 3D content that’s due out later this year.

Other than knowing it’s called the 9000 series, the ultra-thin LED hasn’t been given a price, or any variation models within the 9000 range as of yet. They are however, expected to be launched later this year.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. spyearpiece says

    It’s like space technologies! Can’t believe it can be THAT thin!

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