Samsung GPS Restore App Launched for Captivate and Vibrant

Samsung has launched an app in the Android Market for those who own Samsung Galaxy S class smartphones that still have GPS problems.

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, it has had problems tracking your location with some cases reporting that you are in the next city along.

“During online surveillance, there is an abundance of GPS tweaks that impair GPS performance. Often times, no backup is performed to restore values prior to modifications. Samsung has released an application that restores GPS settings to recommended factory defaults for optinum [sic] performance.”

What that quote above is “possibly” trying to say is that restoring the GPS values back to the factory settings could fix the problems you are facing. We haven’t tested the app yet, but for those who want to test it is available now.

Before you jump to grab the app, note that it is only for the Captivate and Vibrant at the moment. The Epic 4G, Mesmerize or Fascinate models are not listed as being compatible with the app just yet.

Via: Engadget


  1. I already tested this app. You guys dont need to. It doesnt work. Im still getting high inaccuracy problems while moving. I am being magically teleported to adjacent/cross streets and the app is rerouting me based on where it THINKS I am…not where I really am. There are times when it is ok, but I have used other phones where they do not have such accuracy problems.

  2. It is on my Captivate, and rarely works. The app itself takes a long time to activate. The GPS on my phone remains a problem. It continually searches for GPS, and rarely will I get the turn by turn directions it is supposed to have. Totally dissatisfied by the Captivate because of this.

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