Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Version Landing At Best Buy

Best Buy will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it launches in the US next month. As well as selling the regular WiFi + 3G version of the Tablet, Best Buy will also offer a cheaper WiFi only version.

The Galaxy Tab WiFi version has the same 7 inch screen as the 3G version. It also runs Android 2.2 and is essentially the same device other than the lack of the 3G connectivity.

Price wise, the WiFi Galaxy Tab will cost $499.99 and getting it at that price requires no mail-in rebates thankfully.

What isn’t clear at the moment is the launch dates of both versions at Best Buy. We also don’t know at the moment if the 3G version will launch before, after or at the same time as the WiFi only version.

In regards to what carriers you can get it on, we see both Sprint and Verizon logos on the document above. No mention of T-Mobile or AT&T is made.

We’ll get more details as soon as we can, but for now we’d guess it will launch at the same time as other locations.

Via: Pocketables

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