Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Model Delayed till 2011

Reports today are showing a leaked document from Best Buy that indicates the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only version is being delayed till early 2011. The document says it is being delayed (Post Holiday) as seen in the image below.

The Verizon Embedded version (WiFi+3G model) requires that the device is activated at time of purchase. Android Life believe this could mean a data plan is required which can then be canceled, but perhaps this just means you have to register it on the network and then its your own choice if you actually sign up to a plan. We’ll find out for more soon.

Back to the delays of the WiFi only model… its a shame really as the WiFi only model would have been a popular choice for the holiday season. Hopefully we’ll get a more exact date in the next few weeks.

Via: Android Life


  1. pity, I was waiting for this one 🙁 Hope ‘early’ means Jan-Feb, not Apr-May…

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