Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Price Revealed

T3 managed to get some details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab UK price, revealing that it will cost £599 SIM free.

Confirmation of the contract price has also been found as being £199 on a 24 month contract. The 24/month contract will cost £25/month to get it at £199 for the tablet.

Pricing seems a little off to us though as I doubt many, if any, would class the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a mobile phone (even though it does do voice and text messages) as it’s just a little too large for that. With this in mind, I expect that people would much prefer to pay closer to £10/month for a contract that comes with data only.

Perhaps Samsung has got the price. Nobody can truly predict that as the sales numbers will reveal if it was a success or not. In my opinion its priced too high on both non contract and contract, especially where the monthly tariff is concerned.

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