Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Price – £617 at Clove

The Samsung Galaxy Tab UK price hasn’t been officially announced yet although it hasn’t prevented some places from speculating on the price.

Next up is Clove in the UK who has priced the Galaxy Tab up at £617 which takes it to around the $950 price point in USD. This price point gets you a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab that is SIM free and not locked on to a contract.

The £617 price tag also includes taxes.

From what we have seen across Europe it appears that off contract and not subsidised the Galaxy Tab will be more expensive than the Apple iPad. The price for the iPad in the UK is £529 which gets you the 16GB WiFi+3G model.

The Galaxy Tab in terms of technical specs has a 7 inch screen and runs the Android 2.2 operating system. With the 3G built in on all models, it also acts as a phone and Samsung haven’t locked down usage for that.

Lets hope Samsung make an official statement soon as the US price has been touted at $200 to $400 recently although at that price we assume users are tied in to a 2 year contract.

Via: SlashGear and Geeky Gadgets

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