Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Launch Date – November 1

Samsung has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching in the UK on November 1. All major networks will get the Galaxt Tab on launch day although Samsung have still yet to reveal the price tag.

We know that Amazon, Expansys and others will sell a SIM free Tab for £600 – £700, but as for carrier pricing, we really have no idea what plans are just yet. When carriers do announce pricing it will be the usual subsidised price tags that decrease as you are willing to commit to a higher plan.

For technical specs, the Galaxy Tab has a 1GHz processor. It runs Google Android 2.2 (the latest Android OS) and has a 7 inch TFT screen. It has two cameras on it allowing you to capture photos as well as make video calls where possible.

Its an impressive device and in our opinion, the first real iPad competitor. Its one we look forwards to seeing in the next month.

Via: Engadget


  1. £600 – £700, you’re having a laugh at the consumers expense! This product will not sell in the Retail Market at that price although I’ve no doubt that there will obviously be a few souls in the Corporate Market who will be able to ‘trick’ their non technology Executive to funding this ‘must have’ gadget.

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