Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date – Today

The Samsung Galaxy Tab release date has finally arrived here in the UK. Carphone Warehouse is now selling the new tablet with prices starting at £99.99 going up to £499.99 depending on what monthly commitment you are prepared to make.

To get the Galaxy Tab at £99.99 you need to commit to a 24 month contract paying £40/month. To get it at £499.99 the contract is just 1 month (rolling) and is £10/month if you keep the contract active.

The full comparison of prices can be found over here although the main page doesn’t let you know how much data you get. Click the detail buttons to see the exact details in the title. From what we can see, it appears that all plans except the £10/month plan, come with 5GB of data.

Update: Three pricing has been removed. Only showing Talk Mobile and Vodafone prices now.

Via: Carphone Warehouse

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