Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date Could be Delayed

Amazon in the UK has just shifted the Samsung Galaxy Tab release date from October to November on its website.

This could mean that a delay is expected and that nowhere will get it till at least November sometime. It isn’t known either if this will effect all retailers and carriers who will sell it, or if it’s just an Amazon thing (other than Expansys in the UK who has also changed the date to November 2). Right now there is no official word from Samsung about when it will be launched.

When launched, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will have a price tag of £599.99 at Amazon and at Expansys, it will cost £639.99. It isn’t clear if these are final prices either as we have seen prices a lot higher than that elsewhere.

Samsung need to get this launch right. We expect to hear something official soon. If that doesn’t happen, I think a lot of users will just move on to other options.

Will you be buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab when it launches?

Via: Pocket Lint


  1. Jez@SammyTablet says

    I am planning to buy one, but may well be put off by the price. We’ll have to wait and see. I am hopeing to be one of the first UK owners as it’s always fun to blog up new ways of using these gadgets.

    Apparently the release date of Nov 1st has now been confirmed.

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