Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Priced on Orange

Orange has announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab as being available as of now here in the UK.

The Galaxy Tab on the Orange network comes with various subsidised options which starts off at the most expensive price being £529 for the hardware and drops to £499 at the cheapest point.

The price depends on what kind of commitment you are willing to make. At the higher end the commitment is a 1 month contract while at the cheapest price, you’ll need to sign up for 12 months.

For data you get from nothing (pay per MB) to 500MB/month up to 1GB/month. Before running over to Orange, it might be worth checking out the contracts over at Carphone Warehouse as some of those see the tablet dropped to £399.99 with a £20/month 24 month contract.

More details about the Orange plans can be found over here.

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