Samsung Galaxy Tab Arrives on T-Mobile US Site

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is nearing launch. Over in the US, a webpage on the T-Mobile site has been uploaded to show some details about the new tablet device.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile do not list the full details which everyone wants to know… ie, the price. We have seen leaks up to this point showing it to have a subsidized price tag of about $200 to $300 (perhaps even $400) but nothing actually set in stone.

The T-Mobile “register your interest” page can be found here. All that is included here are the signup boxes, and a few bullet points that show it has a 7 inch screen (which is what we already know) and that it supports Flash 10.1, which we also already know.

Expect it to arrive before Christmas, perhaps in November. Other than that we need to wait a little longer for the details.

Via: CrunchGear

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