Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note Found in Android App

Samsung has released a teaser app for Android smartphones which will be used to detail the launch of three new products. The actual details of the products will be announced on September 1st at IFA in Berlin. Luckily, some smart snooping around the APK file has revealed 3 logos as seen below:

The first logo mentions the Samsung Galaxy Note which at the moment, is an unknown device. Next up is the Samsung Wave 3 which is believed to run the latest version of the Bada OS. Finally we move on to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 which of course hints at a Galaxy tablet with a 7.7 inch screen.

Thisismynext has verified that the APK file does contain the above 3 new logos/names so for now, we’ll just need to wait till the September 1 (next week) to find out what exactly the technical specs are. No press releases have been pushed out yet, so we are just going on the logos above for information.

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