Samsung Galaxy Tab – 600,000 Sold Worldwide

We are hearing today that Samsung has sold 600,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets within the first month of it being on sale.

These numbers, although I haven’t personally confirmed it, would probably make the Galaxy Tab the most popular Android based tablet in the world. I can believe that as well as I don’t recall other tablets selling this well (the ones with Android on them).

Samsung has also said that they are pleased with the results in the first month of the tablet being on sale and have also indicated that in most markets, the demand has outpaced supply.

Over in Korea, the iPad is about to launch and already has 40,000 pre-orders with in the first week of pre-orders opening up. The Galaxy Tab sold 30,000 times in the first week of launch, so it appears that the iPad still is a little more popular than the Tab in Korea.

Via: BGR

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