Samsung Galaxy Tab $1019 on

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is looking rather random at the moment, partly because Samsung hasn’t made an official announcement. We are not sure if prices are to be fully believed online. The US price is supposedly somewhere between $200 and $400 while the UK price is £679.99 over on Expansys which is the equivalent of $1045 at todays exchange rate.

Over in Germany the price tag has been revealed on Amazon at the equivalent of $1019 which almost lines up with the UK pricing.

We are guessing at the moment that Expansys and Amazon in the UK and Germany respectively, will be selling the device unlocked with no contract. If the US pricing is to be believed then it looks to be selling with contract.

It would be wise for Samsung to make a formal announcement as all this random pricing could put people off as over here in Europe it makes the expensive iPad look cheap.

Via: Amazon

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