Samsung Galaxy Tab

Gizmodo managed to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab earlier today. The Galaxy Tab is an Android tablet that will be launching soon. It runs TouchWiz, has a 7 inch screen and has 3G/Wireless connectivity built in.

It’s well made, and doesn’t seem as plasticky as the Galaxy S range of phones—or indeed, most Samsung phones. Just like with the iPad, the bezel around the display is possibly too large for its own good, but the touch-sensitive buttons (menu, home, back and search) almost don’t have a purpose with that large 7-inch display.

Right now the only real competition out there is the Apple iPad although by judging what is on display at IFA this week, it appears that the iPad will have some challengers very soon. Out of all of them we have seen so far, it seems the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the more promising ones that has a chance. With using Android in a tablet form it allows a bit more versatility with what can be done such as Flash being installed on a more open OS.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. Some nice apps are included in this new tab

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