Samsung Galaxy S Stock Android 2.1 Update Available – Unofficially

It is possible to run a stock Android 2.1 firmware on a Galaxy Samsung S. Reasons for wanting to do this include getting rid of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface which a number of people don’t like.

The Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 update isn’t official though. It’s actually a modified version from the official Google [GOOG] Android updates and unfortunately doesn’t allow all features of the phone to work just yet.

Features that don’t work include the camera application.

To decided if you really want to do this you’ll need to weigh up having TouchWiz vs a broken camera. website is going to be creating a tutorial soon on how to get stock Android 2.1 on the Galaxy S. Don’t worry too much about the camera issue as we also hear that the guys behind the unofficial 2.1 update are currently working on the few remaining bugs to get it running 100%.

The YouTube video below provides a few details about how it works and what can be expected.


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