Samsung Galaxy S to get September Update

The Samsung Galaxy S (including variants) has a GPS problem that prevents a decent lock from occurring, especially when in canyons and busy places with a lack of view to the clear sky.

The problem is caused by software which can get a fix on your position, but often shows you a few streets away and in some cases, you could be seen as being in the next town which basically renders the GPS pointless.

It’s not all bad news though as the Galaxy S smartphone will be getting a firmware update that should resolve all the problems. Samsung reports on Twitter that an update is arriving in September. It does mention for the US Galaxy S, but the info does come from the Samsung US twitter account.

Samsung say the following…

We’re testing software to optimize GPS on US Galaxy S. Expected updates avail. in Sept. Details & download to follow.

We suspect that Samsung will roll the update out to other countries that have the Galaxy S as we assume it’s the same problem which ever Galaxy S you have.

If you can’t wait till September to get your Galaxy S GPS problem fixed then perhaps IntoMobiles guide could help you get around it now.

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