Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Announced on March 15

The Samsung Galaxy S III could be announced in just under a months time. The company will be holding an event on March 15 where they will announce the line-up of devices for 2012. We expect that the Galaxy S III will be included in that line-up.

As well as seeing the Galaxy S III, we might also see mention of other Galaxy class devices from the company as well as more details on their plans for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although there’s a strong argument that the SIII will be announced that day, there’s also arguments against it as it potentially falls a day after the launch of the iPad 3. An iPad 3 announcement is expected on March 7th with it going on sale on or around the 14th – 16th March if that happens. Samsung might want to delay a few weeks as the spotlight that week will often be on Apple and the new iPad 3 if it happens.


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