Samsung Galaxy S Road SMS App

Road SMS is an app built for the Samsung Galaxy S that has an augmented reality feel to make you a little safer whilst texting on the move.

The application makes use of the rear facing camera and feeds live video to the screen and superimposes a keyboard on the top of that. The result is an application that you can use to walk and text at the same time without fear of bumping in to someone.

The Road SMS app is available through the Samsung Apps download store on the Galaxy S.

Although a funky idea, we have seen it before on other platforms and phones and are unsure if it saves lives or street cred, but it’s still a decent idea if not for a bit of fun.

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Check out the video below to see the Road SMS running on the Galaxy S…

Via: Android Community


  1. rusty rebar says

    cant seem to find this in the market….

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