Samsung Galaxy Nexus Teardown Complete

iFixit managed to get hold of a Galaxy Nexus early thanks to someone in the UK. In the US the new smartphone hasn’t even launched yet.

As always, iFixit has taken the device apart to see what it looks like inside and also to look at what chip numbers are used as well as determine how easy the new device is to repair.

Before we get on to some of the highlights, we might as well mention that the Galaxy Nexus has a repair score of 6 out of 10 as the screen is hard to replace due to it being fused on to the glass. iFixit simply recommend you try your best to avoid breaking it.

Some of the unique features include an NFC antenna doubling up with the 3.7V 1750mAh battery. When opening up the battery an antenna can be found which is used for Google Wallet and the likes. With that in mind, iFixit suggest getting the correct battery when replacing the device and ensure that the battery has the antenna included.

The rear facing camera is 5 megapixels and is optimised for low light and has continuous auto-focus allowing video to be kept in focus. The camera can capture HD video at 1080p. To help the cameras Samsung has opted to use a Winbond 8MB serial flash memory unit. This little device sits next to the cameras and allows video streams and pictures to be buffered so that delays are kept to a minimum.

Full details of what’s included with the device can be found over at iFixit amongst all the pictures of the insides which most of you will want to take a look at.

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