Samsung Epic 4G Teaser Site Goes Live

Sprint [S] has uploaded a teaser site showing off the Samsung Epic 4G that is launching soon.

The new Epic 4G is a dual-mode handset capable of working on either 3G or 4G networks. No new information is revealed on the Sprint site although it does show a teaser video of the camera being used although it isn’t a real life example. Other “coming soon” videos include gaming and movie watching. The mini site teaser page can be found here.

Other than just a little bit of information on the device, the real reason for the mini site is for you to provide your email address so you can register your interest.

It looks like quite a nice device and one we look forwards to testing in the future.

Via: BGR


  1. Rick Xgen seo says

    it looks like googlephone!~
    is it samsung’s new one?
    in my personal opinion although galaxy s is Similar iphone but it is better than new one~

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