Samsung Epic 4G Review Roundup

Sprint [S] is launching the Samsung Epic 4G in the next couple of weeks. The Epic 4G is Sprint’s version of the new Galaxy S class smartphones that Samsung is pushing out. The differences with this version of the Galaxy S class is that it has a slide out QWERTY keyboard along with 4G connectivity making it easier for some to use who prefer not to use a virtual keyboard, and also quicker thanks to it using 4G rather than 3G.

The screen on the Epic 4G is 4 inches and is a Super AMOLED type built by Samsung. The touchscreen also uses capacitive as can be expected on a phone of this type. When it launches it will run Google Android 2.1 which will be followed by an OTA update to Android 2.2 later on this year.

The processor inside is a 1GHz Samsung Cortex A8.

Several gadget blogs this weekend managed to get an Epic 4G to review it in the US. Check out the Epic 4G reviews below to see what it’s all about. The good news is that is scores very well! If you prefer a virtual keyboard, or a Galaxy S on a different network then check out our Samsung Galaxy S review.


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