Samsung create a new CMOS HD Imager For Smartphones

Samsung have created two new CMOS image sensors called the S5K4E2 and the S5K5CA that are specifically built for mobile phones.

The new CMOS sensors are built with a smaller form factor than previous models allowing them to be squashed inside smaller phones as they are launched. As well as having a smaller form factor the CMOS sensors also can capture HD video at 720p.

The S5K4E2 imager measures 1/4 inch, 1.4 micron and can capture at 5 megapixels. The sensor can capture images from 15cm away from the lens up to infinity keeping objects in focus. The sensor can capture video up to 15 frames per second at full resolution.

The S5K5CA imager is slightly smaller at 1/5 inch although the resolution drops to 3 megapixels. This particular sensor has a 25% reduction over the previous model.

It is expected the new sensors will be showing up in phones in the next few months where we’ll be able to test how the miniaturised cameras can perform. Press Release.

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