Samsung Chrome OS Netbook Confirmed

Samsung have confirmed that they are currently working on a Chrome OS based netbook that could launch late this year. The Samsung Chrome OS Netbook won’t be added to their current lineup until late this year which could mean a launch later on this year, but also possibly in to 2011.

Although many of the official specifications are unknown at the moment, we have heard that the Chrome OS netbook will have a 12 hour battery life. For connectivity it will have all the usual built in which includes wireless and 3G connectivity. It’s hard to say what variation of wireless will be installed, but I expect in 10 – 14 months time that we should see 802.11b/g/n as standard to get the best connectivity speeds possible.

The screen on the Samsung Chrome OS netbook will measure 10.1 inches and be backlit by LED. For storage the netbook will come with a minimum of 2GB while storage will be at least 64GB. Tom’s Hardware do mention that the 64GB is hard drive based, although I suspect it could be SSD based depending on costs in a years time.

The processor is unknown at the moment although we are expecting to see Qualcomms latest Snapdragon later this year that runs at 1.5GHz.

When we get more official details we’ll mention them here.

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