Samsung Captivate GPS Fix Incoming

Samsung has announced that a fix for the Samsung Captivate GPS problem is going to be pushed out within the next few weeks.

The problem that is in all Galaxy S class smartphones is the GPS that is often miles out in terms of how close it can track you. The fix should fix this problem for Captivate owners.

For others who want the fix, ie those who use other variants of the Galaxy S class smartphones, it appears that you’ll need to wait a little longer to get the update.

The statement from Samsung to Engadget said the following…

“An update to improve the Samsung Captivate’s GPS performance is now available. Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone. The updates will be pushed to customers’ devices over the next few weeks.

The update for the Captivate will also improve additional device functions, such as media scanning time, add the full version of Quickoffice and address Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support.”

Of course we wont know for sure if the bug has been finally fixed till test results are in from a number of users. It also appears at this time that this wont be an update to Android 2.2 like some people expected.


  1. I received the update and GPS still not working. Called at&t and am getting a replacement handset. Hopefully it will be working properly.

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