Samsung C7000 3D LED LCD HDTV Ready for Pre-Order

Samsung have launched their new 3D HDTV and it’s ready for pre-order now. Three versions of the TV are being made available to purchase which includes three Samsung C70000 models each of which have a built-in 3D processor. The three screens measure 40 inches, 46 inches or 55 inches depending on which model you purchase.

The 40 inch C7000 is the cheapest of the models (no surprise there) and costs $1,799.98 although for some reason the 3D glasses required to use the TV in 3D mode. Each TV uses 250Hz Clear Motion Technology and each has Internet@TV enabled for use.

The built in 3D processor was designed with the new Blu-Ray 3D standard in mind and therefore, you shouldn’t have the worries that the technology will be out-dated as soon as it leaves pre-order status.

A Blu-ray player is being made available also that is compatible with 3D (numbered the BD-C6900) and is also compatible with the required active shutter glasses. It is expected that the BD player, 3D TV and glasses will be sold as a bundle, hopefully keeping the cost of it all at a decent price.

No official release date just yet, but you can go ahead and pre-order now. Also available here. Via: I4U


  1. Yes..the new LED tv.Great for HD entertainment for sure. I have seen this tv and the colour of the tv are pretty awesome!

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