Samsung Announce New Digital Cameras at CES

Samsung have launched a new line of digital cameras at CES this year.

The first new set of cameras are the Samsung TL-Series that feature two screens. The second screen on these two cameras is forward facing allowing you to take self portrait shots without missing yourself. The second screen measures 1.5 inches and sits to the left of the lens of the camera. The two cameras are called the Samsung TL210 and the Samsung TL205. The TL210 is the slightly improved camera that has a 12.4 megapixel sensor vs the TL205 that has a 12.2 megapixel sensor. The TL2010 also has better optics allowing for 5x optical zoom where as the TL205 has 3x optical zoom. The former also has a wider angle lens at 27mm vs the 35mm lens of the latter camera.

Other features of the cameras include HD video capture on the TL210 and SD video on the TL205 both capable of capturing at 30 frames per second. Overall the TL210 is a more refined camera with extra features including 20 face recognition, Dual Image Stabilisation and a smart filter. If you can afford it, go for the TL210. Both cameras will be launched in March 2010. Pricing is not known at the moment.

The next camera pictured after the text below is known as the Samsung SL-Series. Two cameras have been built in the SL range called the SL102 and the SL420. Both cameras have 10.2 megapixel sensors along with face detection and image stabilisation. Like with the dual screen cameras pictures above though, the SL420 has the better lens capable of 5x optical zoom vs the 3x optical zoom of the SL102. No HD video is available at all on these two cameras although video can still be captured at standard definition.

The final set of cameras to be launched are the Samsung CL-Series cameras which look fantastic from the specs. The CL80 comes with wireless and bluetooth built in allowing you to transfer images whenever you are connected to a wireless network. The sensor can capture images at 14.2 megapixels and the lens is capable of 7x optical zoom. On the back of the camera you’ll find an AMOLED touch-screen measuring 3.7 inches. This particular camera is also capable of capturing HD video at 720p and has a HDMI port allowing you to easily hook it up to a HDTV to watch your videos or a slide presentation of your photos.

The Samsung CL80 is due out in the Spring of this year although pricing is not known just yet.

Via: Zath

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