Samsung Android Tablet to be Announced August 11 – Rumour

Samsung could be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android OS tablet device in just a couple of weeks time. We hear from Electronista that the release date might be August 11, or should I say the unveiling of it.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tablet will run Android when it is launched. An invitation has been sent out to numerous news sites indicating that three new products will be revealed.

Right now we are just going on rumours as there isn’t much information about the Galaxy Tablet about. What we have heard is that it does measure 7 inches which puts it right between the Dell Streak and Apple iPad in terms of size. We also suspect it will run similar, if not slightly better specs than the Galaxy S smartphone.

We have also heard in the past that it will be called the Galaxy Tab and it will be released in the 3rd quarter of this year which goes right in line with the event that is being held in a few weeks time.

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