Samsung Android 2.3 Smartphone Launching Early 2011

Samsung is believed to be launching a new flagship phone early in 2011. The name is unknown at the moment although the image below shows some details indicating that it will launch in February 2011 and run the Google Android 2.3 OS called Gingerbread.

Other details indicate it will have a Super AMOLED screen called sAMOLED2 which indicates its a second gen screen. That screen measures 4.5 inches and has a WVGA resolution. We also see details of a smaller 4.3 inch screen also being a possibility.

Other technical specs showing on the flyer indicate a 1.2GHz application processor along with 16GB of memory and 1080p full HD playback.

Although the images might show phones in concept from several years ago, Engadget believes that Samsung just quickly threw together this presentation piece and probably grabbed the first image they could find in Google Images.

Check out the larger image below to find more details.

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