Samsung and Acer Google ChromeBooks Now Available for Pre-Order

Amazon and Best Buy are now accepting pre-orders for the various Google Chrome Books. At the moment, models from Samsung and Acer are available for pre-order and each have a shipping date of 15 June according to Google.

The Samsung Chromebook is called the Series 5 and there are four versions available although each based around one of two models. There’s the 3G model that costs $499 that is available in Arctic White and in Titan Silver. The WiFi version also comes in the same two colour options, Arctic White here and Titan Silver here. The WiFi models cost $429.99 each and the 3G models are $499.99 each. Remember that you need connectivity to the internet to be able to use Chrome OS, so if you can’t tether from a smartphone while on the move, you might be best opting for the 3G model.

There are also two Acer models which are the same 3G and Wireless models. The 3G model costs $449.99 and is available here while the Wireless only model is the cheapest of all Chrome OS netbooks and costs $379.99, available here.

Technical specs of each model show that the Samsung Series 5 has a 12.1 inch screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It has 8.5 hours of battery life per charge, uses an Intel Atom Dual-Core processor, has a HD webcam and a full sized keyboard.

The Acer models are a little different in that they have a slightly smaller 11.6 inch HD display. Battery life is lower at 6 hours. This particular model runs the Intel Atom Dual-Core CPU. A HD webcam is included and it has a full sized keyboard.

Full details available for each Chromebook over at Amazon on the links above.


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