Samsung AMOLED Beam Projector Phone

Samsung have unveiled the Samsung AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600 in to the Korean market. The AMOLED Beam is a successor to the Haptic Beam and has uses a Samsung AMOLED screen (as the name suggests) to enhance the quality of the phone and provide richer images.

The Beam part of the phones name also indicates the presence of a pico projector. The built in projector is capable of throwing an image up to 50 inches diagonal on to a nearby surface allowing you to watch video more comfortably or view photos with friends. The projector has a 9 lumen rating for brightness. When compared with the older Haptic Beam the AMOLED Beam is about 1.5 times brighter.

The touchscreen on the device measures 3.3 inches and is in a WVGA resolution.

Other features on the AMOLED Beam phone include a 5 megapixel camera along with support for various video files including DivX support.

The full press release can be read over here. It is unclear at the moment if the AMOLED Beam will leave Korea and head towards Europe and the US.

Via: TechFresh

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