Samsung 8GB microSD Card

microSD cards are becoming more popular in mobile phones. The latest phone I got has room for one of these cards. Some suppliers are handing out 128Mb to 512Mb cards for their phones. Back in February a 4GB model was introduced. Three months later we now hear reports that Samsung have created an 8GB microSD card. Thats incredible to put it plainly. A microSD card measures just 15 mm — 11 mm — 0.7 mm which is about the size of a fingernail. Unfortunately it is not going to be available for another year. The speed is quite impressive too as it can transfer 16MBps for reading and 6MBps for writing.

You are probably wondering how much this will cost. I have no idea right now as a year for production is a fairly long time. I dont expect it to be cheap, but hopefully by next year the card will be affordable by those who need this kind of storage on their mobile device.

Via: Engadget

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