Samsung 3DTV – First 3DTV On Sale in UK at John Lewis

The UK high street store John Lewis, is now selling the Samsung 3DTV and specifically the 40 inch UE40C7000 LED TV.

It is believed that this is the first 3DTV that has gone on sale in the UK. It currently costs £1800. Extras are needed to get the full 3D experience such as 3D glasses that cost £149 for a pair packaged with Monsters vs Aliens on a 3D Bluray Disc. Of course if you get a 3D BD video you also need to get a BD player such as the Samsung C6900 that will add another £349 to the price tag.

A 3D ready HDMI cable is also available for £49.95 that complies with the relatively new v1.4 specifications.

If you purchase the TV and Blu-ray player then the glasses and movie are thrown in for free according to Pocket-Lint who have also mentioned the offer runs till June 30.

Details of the TV can be found at the John Lewis website where locations of where you can pick up the TV are also available.

It isn’t fully known yet how much 3D will be in demand in the UK. Sky are already offering 3D services on a channel and it is expected that more will pick up 3DTV’s as the world cup draws nearer.

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