Samsung 3D TV Now on Sale in the US

Samsung have launched their first 3D TV over in the US called the Samsung UN55C7000. The 3D TV measures 55 inches and can play full HD content at 1080p that runs at 240 Hz and is backlit by LED.

The 55 inch 3D TV had four HDMI inputs (version 1.3) along with Component and PC inputs. The TV is ready to work with new 3D content that gives an extra dimension and depth in video. Samsung do say that more 3D content is scheduled for launch from regular TV.

Although a bit pricey, it appears to be a fantastic looking TV and if you are wanting to make the leap to 3D now rather than later it’s about the only screen available now to order.

Available now for order at Amazon costing a healthy £3,299.99.

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