Samsung 3D Paper Thin OLED Display

Samsung have a small 14 inch 3D screen on show at CES this year that measures just 1.6mm thin. It’s odd to think a TV this thin can actually be built. As with all ultra thin TV’s that we have seen recently, this Samsung prototype also features a pedestal stand where the bulk of the electronics are stored to keep as much away from the back of the panel as needed.

The screen it’s self is capable of showing 3D images. Unfortunately it’s about 3 years away from being mass produced due to the costs involved in having anything big enough to fit in the living room at a decent price, but as all technology continues to drop in price we’ll sometime in the next few years see screens this thin in stores at today’s thicker TV prices.

The image below shows the side profile of the screen which as can be seen, is very thin.

Via: Giz

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