Samsung 3D Glasses Need to be Worn Upside Down for Compatibility

If you have already purchased your nice big 3D TV that requires you use shutter glasses then a bit of a kick to the teeth is coming as some manufacturers glasses won’t be compatible with your TV set. However, there is a work around…. you simply need to wear the glasses upside down to make a Panasonic 3D TV set of glasses compatible with a Samsung 3D TV for example.

It’s odd that companies are trying to push 3D TV this year with broadcasters gearing up for it and then it gets let down by something so small and stupid in that manufacturers can’t even agree on a standard to prevent users needing to buy other sets of glasses (that aren’t cheap).

On a positive note, it is early days and we hear that by next year possibly, a standard will be set for active shutter glasses on TV’s.

“I think that it’s likely that the different manufacturers will come together, possibly as early as next year, to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses,” Lee said”which won’t thrill the early adopters who’ve already taken advantage of Samsung and Panasonic’s quick production-line-to-store-shelves moves.

I’m not 100% convinced yet that 3D will take off in the current form, but to be honest, I doubt a set of active shutter glasses standards will prevent it being successful or not. It’s just a road bump that will be ironed out.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. The more I think about these 3D shutter glasses the more I wonder why not skip these 3D TV and blu-ray player and just use a pair of 3D video glasses.

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