Samsung 22 Inch Transparent LCD Display Captured on Video

Samsung is beginning to mass-produce a transparent 22 inch LCD panel. Each screen is either black and white, or color and has a contrast ratio of 500:1 with a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels.

“Transparent displays will have a wide range of use in all industry areas as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication. With the world’s first mass production of the transparent LCD panel, Samsung Electronics plans to lead the global transparent LCD market by developing various applications.”

Each of the screens has a transparency of either 20% for the B/W model and 15% for the color model. This is higher than the next competitor which is rated at 5%.

The transparent LCD screens allow users to look through the panels. Each also runs on 90% less power when compared to a traditional LCD screen. The reason for this is that the transparent screen can use natural light to provide a backlight, and thus it drops down the reliance on lighting requirements.

Samsung has made USB and HDMI available on these screens. Pricing and release dates are not known, but expect them in the next few months.

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