Russian Jet Train

Jet Train
This is a train from Russia built in the early 70s. With the jets attached to the top it could reach 180mph which is very fast. The jets came from a Yak-40 passenger plane. Another test they did was attach jet engines to a boat which could force the boat to travel up to 60mph on water.


Via: EnglishRussia


  1. Doug Rosbury says

    ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. When I think of the consequences of
    encountering a bad section of rail at top speed, Oh well(!!!) Any comment will do. This obsession with speed and the shrinking of time speaks for itself. Think of the helpless passengers who have nothing to say about their safety. Doug Rosbury

  2. Jeff Yarbrough says

    Brings to mind the old jet-powered Wiley Coyote -Road Runner thing where the Road Runner cuts a turn and Wiley shoots off a cliff!!!

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