Rumours Indicate Apple Will Include a Dock Adapter for new iPhone

Yesterday we wrote that Apple is to do away with the 30 pin connector on the new iPhone and instead, will opt for a 19 pin (smaller) connector. The main reason for this appears to be a space saving exercise so that the few extra mm can be used for other chips such as LTE 4G etc…

The “news” that Apple will provide an adapter doesn’t come as a surprise if the 19 pin dock connector is they way they move forward with the 6th generation iPhone. Apple already provides adapters for a number of things on various Apple devices such as a MagSafe 2 to MagSafe convertor as well as various connections to VGA and other monitors.

The main concern will be compatibility of all devices. Will the convertor allow all the older equipment to work with the new iPhone or will some be restricted due to design and the adapter not being compatible? We suspect a few devices will be left out cold but hopefully most devices will continue to work.

A 19 pin connector isn’t set in stone though, so Apple might announce a new iPhone with just a regular dock connector. Either way, it looks like Apple will provide some means for the new device to work with the older generation docks.


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