Rumour: Google Nexus One to Launch in France for €199

According to the French paper Le Point the Google Nexus One is going to be launching on the SFR network in France Q1 2010 along with a 2 year contract for less than ‚¬200. Of course we have had no official announcement from Google yet although that’s due early today.

The French paper also mentions that you can have the phone unlocked/contract free costing ‚¬450. SFR are the first to offer the phone in France if these rumours are correct with Vodafone following with a 24 month contract at about 50 euros per month.

The information might be correct and perhaps it was published a little too early ahead of the Google announcent, so I am sure we will hear all the official details in the next few hours of where the Nexus One will be made available and for how much.

Via: MobileTechWorld and LePoint

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