Rumors – iPhone 3G moving to Other Carriers in UK?

iphone_3gA rumor has started saying that Apple UK could be looking for new carrier deals. No doubt Apple and O2 will deny this for now but it seems like Orange and T-Mobile might be getting the older iPhone 3G on to their networks.

Now that the iPhone 3G S is here it makes the 3G more of an entry level device. If this is all true it could be classed as a smart move from Apple as O2 might not have been a network all people wanted to move to in order to get an iPhone.

The rumor came from T-Mobiles customer services team which has been speaking to callers telling them that negotiations have started with Apple to get rights to sell the 3G iPhone.

I would love to see more carriers get the iPhone in the UK as with O2 currently have exclusivity on the phone there is no competition and hence, stupidly high prices. With a bit of competition added in to the mix we might see calling plans lowered and hopefully, but doubtfully, cheaper handsets too.

Although still a rumor, I’d expect to see an announcement soon and at which point, we will mention it here.

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