Rovio to Add Angry Birds Sync Tool to Popular Game

Angry Birds has been downloaded millions of times, up near 100 million times to be exact. One problem that has always existed with the game is that when you play it on more than 1 device, you need to start the game from the start. For example, you complete 3 worlds on the iPhone version, get a new iPad, download the game and you have to start right from the beginning on your iPad.

This can be frustrating for those avid and casual gamers who want to continue on from where they left off. Thanks to a tweet sent out by Rovio, it seems that a way to sync games might be introduced within the next few months. The system will be called Angry Birds Sync and from what we can gather, it’ll allow you to to sync your progress among a number of platforms so that when you load it up on the iPad, you play from where you left off on your iPhone.

What we also note from the tweet above is that it says it will be a system that is capable of keeping all Angry Birds devices in sync. This will more than likely mean that desktop, iOS and Android versions (as well as webOS, Windows etc…) will all be kept in sync with each other.

Expect it to launch within the next few months and be pushed out with an update to Angry Birds.

Source: 9to5Mac

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