Robotic Fly from Harvard Uni


The Robotic Fly is perfect for those spying missions

This little fly was built by the robotic department at Harvard university and is ideal for those missions which require a fly on the wall type presence or places where it could put some one in serious danger. The robot has been given funding by military organisations. Due to its small size, off the shelf parts could not be used. Harvard Unis robotics team had to design each piece which has been cut with laser micro machining. It is built from thin sheets of carbon fibre and polymer with tiny bearings and motors to allow it to fly.

What interests me more about this miniature robotic fly is that it does actually fly. Its wingspan is 3 cm and it weighs just 60 milligrams which is not much at all. More details about the robotic fly can be found later down this post.

Via: TechnologyReview

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