RiteAlarm Clock Review

RiteAlarm Clock
From Rayna Creations comes this compact triple weekly, battery powered, alarm clock. What it means by triple weekly is that you have the option of pre setting the alarm clock for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays individually. With your average alarm clock you need to manually adjust the alarm setting each time your routine changes, this beauty avoids such annoyance. For me on a personal level I am known to forget to change the settings and either wake the household up, or arrive late for appointments. On the outset it is quite basic looking, but what more do you need? If you are just looking for something that will do its job then this really does suit your needs every day of the week. The rest of the review is after the jump.

Looking more closely at the RiteAlarm Clock, you see the screen shows the current time, date and day as well as the individual alarm times that you may have set. It is also quite compact which makes it a very useful travel companion. When testing this what I particularly liked was the ascending alarm tone, which starts of as a few quiet beeps and progressively gets louder with short intermittent pauses. I like this as it particularly allows me to wake up gently and not with a startle. When the intermittent period is finished it progresses to continuous beeps which can be silenced with the magic snooze button.

Another feature of this device is the automated DST (daylight savings time) which adjusts the clock for you automatically so that you do not forget. So that you know when daylight saving is in effect the setting will automatically appear on screen when the change over occurs. Daylight savings is pre programmed up to the year 2050 which is plenty of time to get good use of this alarm clock. Details of pricing can be found after the jump.

The list price of the RiteAlarm Clock is $19.99 with $3 shipping in the US, $5 to Canada and just $8 worldwide. As of writing this there is a 25% discount on the product. It is available in 3 colours which are Silver, Mint Julep and Light Rose. In addition you have the choice of 2 specifications which are: the DST or the Non-DST model if you are outside the US.

RaynaCreations are quoted on their website as saying…

The RiteAlarm clock is innovative and unique! If you find any other brands of alarm clocks, such as Timex, Sony, or RCA, that has our featured triple weekly alarms, you can get a free RiteAlarm clock and a prize of $100 — We want to know who will be our first follower.

For more information and to order one of these alarm clocks visit RaynaCreations.

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