Ripple LOOK PC

ripple_look_pcThe Ripple LOOK PC is a very small form factor PC that measures just 215mm x 235mm x 69mm and although not the smallest computer in the world, it still looks rather good.

Ripple have created the LOOK with more designer friendly features too. The designs are more artistic then just the plain PC’s we normally see, and with the case being small, it can be easily mounted on the back of a flat panel LCD monitor.

The mounts that can be used are all VESA standard making it attachable anywhere. An alternative is to neatly stand it next to a bunch of DVD’s and it will fit in perfectly. On to the technical specs of the LOOK PC. The PC is powered by either an ATOM N230, N270 or N330 and you can choose between 1GB or 2GB of RAM. Storage has 2 options which are 160GB and 320GB.

The LOOK PC is only available in Korea at the moment and no details of it coming this side of the world are available just yet.




Via: TechNaBob and TechFresh


  1. Go Doodads says

    Wow! That’s cool! I would like that for my Samsung HDTV… Is it compatible?

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