RIM Working on BlackBerry External Antenna – Rumour

RIM (Research in Motion) could be working on an external antenna design according to details found by BBLeaks.

One of BBLeaks sources sent in a picture showing a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 with an external antenna and also indicated that a lot of these devices with external antennas could be found at RIM’s headquarters in Canada.

The iPhone 4 launched back in June this year and also had an external antenna design that had a number of issues reported by the media and users of the phone. It isn’t clear why RIM would go down this path other than perhaps trying to get a more stable version of what Apple [AAPL] came up with.

RIM has an excellent history in terms of signal from what we have seen. It will be interesting to see if they can create an external antenna like the iPhone 4 that doesn’t come under fire.

Of course for now, it might not be an external antenna, or the external antenna might not ever be used on a publicly available device.

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